Robot Project: Components | Chassis Assembly | Electronics | Wiring | Code

I used the following components for the robot:

DFRobot Pirate Chassis

I chose this chassis as I wanted a stable base that I could add extra hardware to at a later date but one of the smaller and cheaper 3-wheeled chassis on the market would do just as well or you could obviously build your own. I bought the chassis from an Ebay vendor but it is also available from the DFRobot website. The chassis will be powered by 5 x AA 3800mAh Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, although any similar cells would be suitable.

DFRobot Pirate

Arduino Mega 2560 V3

These are available from a number of specialty electronics sites and from numerous Ebay vendors. I had originally intended to use the smaller and cheaper Arduino Uno but decided that the extra interfacing capabilities of the Mega would be useful for the project. The Arduino will be powered by a 9V PP3 300mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery separate from the batteries used to power the chassis.

I gave some thought to using a Raspberry Pi for the project but without a breakout board the Pi has fairly limited interfacing capabilities plus also draws more power. There are also many cheap sensors and other components available for Arduino with code libraries being freely available.

Arduino Mega

L298N Motor Shield

This motor shield is required to control two sets of electric motors. There are several different types of Arduino motor shields available often with slightly different connections. I purchased the model to the right from an Ebay vendor.

Motor Shield

HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor

These are available cheaply from Ebay suppliers. There are a couple of different versions available but they appear to have the same connections.

Ultrasonic Sensor

Standard 16x2 Character LCD Screen

I used a standard monochrome backlit screen which are available from a number of online suppliers. They usually come with a separate 16 pin header which much be soldered to the circuit board which can be a little fiddly if your soldering skills are anything like mine.

LCD Screen

Infra-red Sensors

I bought two pairs of the sensors to the right from an Ebay vendor. They are fairly cheap and easy to get working but could potentially be upgraded to better ones in the future.

IR Sensors

MMA7361 Three Axis Accelerometer

This was also a cheap purchase from an Ebay vendor. It was supplied with a 10 pin header that also needs to be soldered to the circuit board before use.

Accelerometer Mega

Large breadboard

I used a Maplin Breadboard AD-01 for the project as I had one to hand, but any similar breadboard would do. You will also need a large number of inter-connect wires of different colours for connecting the various components which can either be bought or made yourself from some solid core wire.


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