Sim Racing Pedals Build

I used G27 pedals with the Nixim brake mod for a number of years and although they work well I wanted some top mounted GT style pedals to hopefully get a better feeling of immersion so I decided to make my own.

For the main structure, I used 50mm x 50mm and 30mm x 15mm aluminium box section and 10mm stainless steel rod to hold it all together. I produced a basic CAD design and g-code files for CNC which are available here although they could just as easily have been cut and drilled by hand.

For the electronics, I used the Leo Bodnar BU0836-LC Load Cell Joystick Controller which has a single load cell interface and multiple inputs for analogue devices (eg. potentiometers and hall sensors) and digital inputs for buttons and switches.

The load cell I used for the brake is a 0-30kg model bought from China which results in a fairly light pedal so I may swap that for a higher rated model in the future. The model I have is a Shenlen SL602 which is wired as WHITE = +5V, RED = -IN, YELLOW = +IN and BLACK = GND.

For the clutch and accelerator I initially used A1302 Hall Sensors which are contactless and in theory should maintain a smooth operation over the long-term.

Update: For unknown reasons I had trouble getting the hall sensor on the accelerator to stay properly calibrated between sessions so I decided to replace it with a potentiometer (ALPS 10k RK09711110K) and a traditional linkage which is working great so far.

Choosing springs was mostly trial and error. I ended up with the brake spring being 27mm (OD) x 83mm x 5mm and the clutch as 17.5mm (OD) x 90mm x 2.8mm. I am still testing some different accelerator springs. The one I am currently using is approximately 12.5mm (OD) x 80mm x 1mm. My advice is just to buy a few springs so you can test how the pedals feel with different strengths.

The pedals are fully adjustable for separation, reach and stroke but as I always left-foot brake in games I spaced them fairly equally although it would be straightforward to set them for heel-and-toe operation.

I don't think these pedals will make me any quicker but they do feel a lot more like driving a real car than my G27's so are good for improving immersion.

Sim Racing Pedals 02

Sim Racing Pedals 03

Sim Racing Pedals 04

Sim Racing Pedals 05

Sim Racing Pedals 06

Sim Racing Pedals 07

Sim Racing Pedals 08

Sim Racing Pedals 09

Sim Racing Pedals 10

Sim Racing Pedals 11

Sim Racing Pedals 12

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