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CNC Machine DIY Build

This is the build log for my DIY CNC mill. It is not intended as a set of instructions to be followed directly although hopefully there is some useful information here for anyone interested in getting into the world of CNC and who wants to build their own machine.

You don't really need any special skills or particularly expensive tools for this project. A pillar drill (can be a pretty basic model) seems essential for accurate drilling of the metal parts and a saw that can cut aluminium is also required. I used a cheap mitre saw with a standard carbide blade which worked well. Accurate measurement is also important so a digital vernier caliper will prove very useful.

Basic electricians tools are also needed for wiring the various components as well as a large dose of common sense when dealing with mains voltage AC power. If you are going to use allen bolts then it is well worth investing in a really good set of allen keys to avoid skinned knuckles.

Five minutes spent on CNC forums will demonstrate to you that the best tool for building a CNC mill is another CNC mill. If you are lucky enough to have access to one of these machines then you can save yourself a fair bit of time and effort in the build process.

Good luck with your project.

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